Custom Made Wedding Gowns

Whether you are looking to design a gown from scratch or recreate a designer or couture gown that is out of your budget, Hera's design team can help you create you dream wedding dress. 

Our design team is sensitive to the stresses of ordering a wedding dress, the most important garment you'll ever purchase, online. The process doesn't start with the click of a button and end with a tracking number.  It's the magic that happens in between that makes our process so special. 

Although our services are offered exclusively online, every bride has access to their designer. They have real phone numbers, and answer their emails and messages in a timely manner to put your mind at ease. They don't just take an order and hope for the best. Our designers take the time to get to know their clients and often remain friends long after the nuptials. They share the vision of your dream dress so they can make the dream a reality for you. 

First, we'll introduce ourselves by phone. Then we'll talk about your dream dress. Are you wanting to  create  a dress from scratch, or are  you wanting a recreation of a designer gown? We'll help you choose the best fabrics, laces, and embellishments to fit your budget and we'll work with you to ensure the silhouette you've chosen works best for your body style. We'll ask you to go on a few adventures to keep the fun in the process and to make sure that the end result is perfection. 

Our motto is, "The dress is not finished until YOU think it's perfect!". We'll  work together until it is!  We can say lot's more here, but we'd rather introduce ourselves by phone. We like our initial contact to be by phone so we can get to know one another.  

You're welcome to give us a ring, although we prefer to set an appointment to talk to be sure we don't miss your call. You can use the form below to request a consultation time that's convenient. 

Phone:(888) 748-1978   E-mail: 

For a speedier response, please fill in the form below to request a free designer consultation. We'll respond within 24 hours (usually much sooner)