How to Measure

We can't stress enough how crucial it is that you submit correct measurements. We recommend using the services of a professional seamstress experienced in measuring for bridal gowns. This is a good idea for attendants ordering online as well. However, if you still feel you can go it alone, here are some illustrations and suggestions for obtaining correct measurements.

It's important that you wear the same undergarments you'll wear under your dress or something that is the same thickness and cut. If you don't have your under garments a pair of Sophie like shorts and a thn tank will work. Most dresses come with built in support so unless you'll wear a push up pasties a regular bra will do for measuring. 

Also, you'll need to measure with and without your shoes on. If you don't have your shoes yet, wear the same size heal that you will wear on your wedding day. 

This is the list of measurements our staff will need for your dress. Copy and paste into an email and fill in the measurements.

Please note: We do not accept image files or screen shots of hand written lists, measurements must be received in an editable format or email only. 

In inches or cm:

  1. Your “off rack” size = (Street clothes size)
  2. Full bust =
  3. Waist =
  4. Hips =
  5. Upper bust =
  6. Under bust =
  7. Nipple to nipple =
  8. Shoulder to Shoulder =
  9. Length shoulder to bust =
  10. Front shoulder to waist =
  11. Outer Leg-  (from waist to floor with your shoes on ) =
  12. Shoulder to floor =
  13. height (from the top of head to floor) =
  14. Arm hole=
  15. Bicep=
  16. Shoulder to wrist (for long sleeved dresses) =     


For standard, non-custom orders (i.e. sizes 2-28W) please send the following measurements so we can ensure proper off-rack sizing. We know that few things are more disappointing than receiving your dress and it doesn't fit, so we do our best to make sure standard orders fit as closely as possible. We'll even send suggested alterations when applicable. 

  1. Your “off rack” size = (Street clothes size)
  2. Full bust =
  3. Waist =
  4. Hips =
  5. Height with shoes = 

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