Wedding Dress Silhouettes

The most important part of choosing your wedding dress is choosing the correct silhouette. Almost every bride we've worked with has had her dream dress imprinted on her brain since she was old enough to crawl. And with a little luck, that'll be the dress she walks down the isle in, however, when it comes to wedding dresses,it doesn't always work out the way it does in our dreams.  Hera's Design Team is here to make sure you look fabulous! 

First things first, the dress in the magazine picture RARELY looks the same on us mere mortal women. Of course, the amount of time spent on wedding dress photos for the magazines is INSANE. First, you've got your almost 6 foot tall model (I'd kill to be just 5'4"),  they don't show you how she's literally sewn into the dress, placed on a podium to make her look even taller in order to show the details of said dress, and finally, she's air brushed to perfection. Totally not realistic, but this is what today's brides are given to make the single most important fashion decision of their entire life.

Not to worry. Hera Brides will walk you through the process and ensure you find your true, unforgettable dream dress.  

The #1 most important thing we'll need to do, is find the perfect silhouette for your body style. Keep an open mind when trying on dresses, you may think you hate one style and you'll look bad in it, only to find that you look amazing. We ask our brides to go on little missions.  The first mission we'll ask you to go on will be to try on dresses. Normally, you'd miss this step with online ordering, but not with us. Let's get started!